why weight loss?

There is no doubt that having the right body mass index or having the right weight is linked to good health and a good quality of life. Conversely, being over weight directly impacts your health negatively and therefore your quality of life. Loseweightnow.world is a blog designed to help you lose weight the right way. This is because a sudden lose of weight can adversely affect you health. Being obese according to the experts can potentially make you suffer from one or more than one the following conditions,

    • high blood pressure

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  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • type 2 diabetes
  • some types of cancer
  • osteoarthritis
  • back pain

There is no doubt that some of the conditions can be fatal. Hence loseweightnow.world seeks to provide the necessary information to make life more bearable. We are ardent believers of the fact that your health is the most important treasure you will ever have. Lose it and you have nothing.

Checking and knowing your BMI  is one of the best ways to stay healthy. This is because it will show will indicate your height v your weight and thus show the status of your health. loseweightnow.world as part of commitment to you will like to share with you how you can check your BMI.  Most supermarkets now have weight machines that check your height against your weight and tells you exactly whether you are underweight or overweight. Some leisure centers stock these machines as well. It costs as little as £50p to use these machines. You could also do this using the BMI health calculator on the NHS website.

Some research also shows that losing weight could also have social benefits as it could potentially increase your circle of friends. Conversely being obese could lead to social issues including depression. Loseweightnow.world would however want to caution against losing weight for the sake of pleasing others. This is because, when those relationships fail your motivation to continue to lose weight will wane, thus making nonsense of your efforts.

How can loseweightnow.world help you?

  • Have you lost the desire to look your best or just don’t have the know how to go about it?
  • Are you concerned your weight may have health implications
  • Are you looking for useful non intrusive guidance on how to go about getting the desired look and health?
  • Perhaps you are looking for online advice on how to lose weight the right way.
  • Are you looking to make marginal gains in the fight to stay fit and healthy, then Loseweightnow.world is here to do just that.

The core principles of loseweightnow.world

We believe in the can do attitude. We believe everyone can achieve a good level of  fitness, health and lifestyle if they make the effort. We believe in the principle of marginal gains and not the sudden plummeting of weight.Modern research shows that with appropriate guidance a good weight lose can be achieved.

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